Included With Every Plan

  • Premier Support - Our support team gurantee a 1 hour response time no matter the time of day.
  • High Availability - All plans are hosted on our high availability cloud platform with multi-server redundancy meaning you website stays up even if the physical hardware fails.
  • Extra Resources - Reserved CPU and memory resources for your sites mean they load faster and can handle more traffic than traditional webhosting.
  • Low contention - Fewer websites per server means better performance for your site combined with dedicated resources means no noisy neighbours slowing you down.
  • Acronis Cloud Backup - We automatically backup your website daily using Acronis Cyber Protect, you can restore data anytime.
  • Website Security - Imunify360 protects your website from hackers by scanning incoming requests for malicious payloads and blocking attacks.
  • Anti-malware - Scans your website for any malicious files and alerts you to harmful content.
  • Developer Friendly - PHP8.x with OPcache, MariaDB (MySQL), GiT, WordPress Toolkit and more.